Color Color Color

One of the last steps before The Horde is finished is getting the film color graded. 

It is an amazing process as Color can effect the visual intensity and voice of the movie. The wrong color can completely ruin your movie's message.  So getting your film into the correct persons hands to handle the color is a very important and critical decision process.

We were lucky to get that person, his name is Mike Verta, and he has been an amazing addition to our already fantastic Post Production Team.

Before and After Color Grading Example

Before and After Color Grading Example

Mike is also creating a very incredible opening sequence to our movie (STAY TUNED!) and he even surprised us with a little behind the scenes video he and his amazingly talented girlfriend and our DP Laura Beth Love shot of the Title card of The Horde.

Now that we are almost complete with the movie. Any inquiries about distribution of The Horde should go to our rep Glen at Circus Road Films. Thanks and we cannot wait until you see The Horde!